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Image Selection

Image Selection

How to order your two free images included with your session price:

  • Under "Per Image Rate", select "Included Images"
  • Select your delivery speed*
  • List your file numbers from the gallery
  • Explain what you'd like me to retouch
  • Enter "2" in the quantity field


To purchase additional images beyond the two free ones:

  • Create a second separate order
  • Under "Per Image Rate", select the rate based on the number of additional images you want


Pricing is as follows:

          For 1-2 additional images, the price is $100 per image

          For 3-5 additional images, the price is $75 per image

          For 6-9 additional images, the price is $70 per image

          For 10 or more additional images, the price is $65 per image


  • Select your delivery speed*
  • List your file numbers from the gallery
  • Explain what you'd like me to retouch
  • Under "Quantity", enter the number of additional images you're ordering (for example, if you're buying three images in addition to your two free images, enter "3")


Your total will be calculated on the next screen.


Included with purchase is basic editing and retouching with a standard turnaround of 5-7 days per image with digital delivery.

  • *Rush Orders

    Rush orders may be requested for an additional $75 per image based on my availability. If approved, delivery time is 24-48 hours. For each additional rushed image, allow an additional 24-48 hours.

    If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact me for clarification.

  • Editing & Retouching

    All photos include editing and retouching. Editing consists of cropping and general color correction. Retouching may consist of any or all of the following:

    • Blemish and clothing stain removal
    • Lightening of scars
    • Skin wrinkle reduction
    • Light teeth whitening  and removal of particles
    • Removal of stray hairs and distracting flyaways (to a certain extent)
    • Fixing makeup smudges and inconsistencies
    • Enhancing eyes and catchlights
    • Brightening dark undereyes
    • Reducing unintended shadows
    • Reducing visible nose hairs
    • Removing stray eyebrow hairs
    • Clothing wrinkle reduction (not always possible)
    • Smoothing rough patches of skin
    • Adjusting backdrop and backdrop color
    • Enhancing contrast through "dodge and burn" technique
    • Removing lighting equipment, and smoothing/adjusting backdrop

    By request only (not always available with rush orders—please inquire):

    • Lightening or darkening skin tone
    • Matching skin tones to a different photo
    • Matching eye color to a different photo or swatch
    • Completely removing scars
    • Darkening eyelashes or eyebrows
    • Adding makeup
    • Adding highlights to hair
    • Removing gray hairs or improving root coverage (not always possible)
    • Slimming or bulking up neck, arms or shoulders
    • Altering facial features (not recommended)
    • Adjusting a "lazy eye"
    • Retexturing skin (dry or acne scarred)
    • Altering lighting style
    • Changing the color of the backdrop
    • Etc.

    Unless specifically requested, all retouching will be applied, conservatively.

    If time is a factor, photos may be edited (cropped/color adjusted) and not retouched, allowing for a 2-3 day turnaround for all photos at once. Please note, this is not recommended, and most photos require at least retouching of the backdrop and removal of lighting equipment. A discounted rate will apply to cover basic edits (some which may have already been applied for your gallery edits), and image licensing.

  • Prints

    If you'd like prints, they are available through your gallery (let me know if your gallery has expired, and I'll restore it). I use a trusted high-end printer, and will ensure the highest resolution images are uploaded (even for large format canvases), and will expertly crop the photos for each unique dimension of print. Please note: prints are only for images you have licensed/paid for.

    Alternatively, you can have your purchased images printed independently at your own vendor with the digital file and photo release statement that you will receive.

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